1. We're drawing:
•50 Steam keys for the full version of "I'm not a Monster".
•20 $10 Steam gift cards.
•10 $25 Steam gift cards.
•5 $50 Steam gift cards.

2. To take part in the drawing you should:
•Play the demo version of "I'm not a Monster".
• Fill in the survey based on your own impressions of the game.
• Send us your completed survey by the end of August 31, 2018.

3. Drawing procedure:
• Play the "I'm not a Monster" demo and form your opinion on it based on your personal impressions.
• Follow the in-game link to the survey and complete it in full. It doesn't matter whether your comments are positive or negative – we welcome all opinions, so be honest!
•Send off the completed survey by the end of August 31, 2018.
• We'll award the prizes in the first half of September – every completed questionnaire has a chance of winning.
• The winners will be chosen at random. Each winner will get one of the prizes listed in point no. 1.
• Those who win the full version of the game will receive a Steam key the day the full game is released.
• Those who win gift cards will be contacted by a representative of the company and told how to claim their prizes.

4. Important information (yes, you have to read this piece as well)
• A completed survey is the one in which answers have been given to ALL required questions (marked with an asterisk in the form). Incomplete questionnaires will not be entered into the prize drawing. Fields for open answers to non-mandatory questions may not be completed – this will not affect eligibility for the prize drawing. However, you'd be helping us a lot to make future improvements if you can give your detailed, honest opinion about the game!
•If your Steam wallet uses a currency other than US dollars, Steam will automatically convert the prize amount into the currency of your wallet. We have no influence over the currency exchange rate used by Steam.
•We reserve the right to exclude from the list of potential prize winners those questionnaires which have been filled in solely for the sake of winning prizes, or filled in by the same user multiple times. We are running this prize drawing in good faith and hope that you will share your honest and impartial opinion of the game with us, instead of just typing anything for the sake of winning a prize. Every questionnaire will be reviewed individually.
•The exact date of the prize draw will be announced on the game's Steam Hub as well as our official Facebook page.
•As you've probably already guessed, not everyone is going to win. If you hadn't, then we'd like to officially state that not everyone is going to win.
•Make sure you enter your email address correctly, as we'll be contacting the winners using the email address provided!
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